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To install the JK Overhead.

1. First remove the top section over the front seats. (soft top fold back to expose roll bar) 

2. Remove the plastic trim on windshield frame above mirror to access footman loop.

3. Remove footman loop. Early models the footman loop is held on with rivets. (must drill out) Drill holes to 9/32. If you have this skip to # 6.

4. Later models are bolted on (offset to drivers side) loosen bolts and remove the farthest right bolt.

5. Late models take the header bracket and install under the footman loop and reinstall the bolt. Level the bracket and mark the other hole to be drilled. Remove bracket and drill hole to 9/32.

6. Take the supplied installation tool and install nutserts. Hold the tool with a 5/16 wrench and turn the bolt with a 5/16 wrench until nutsert is tight in the hole. Install bracket with supplied hardware.


7. With the rollbar bracket loosely installed on the main body of the overhead, Rest the back on top of the rollbar and install the front bolts.

8. Center the overhead on rollbar and install self taping screws, tighten  the rest of the hardware.

9. Cut out header trim plastic useing supplied template. Reinstall Plastic after wiring.


10. Install Radio and wire.

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